Thursday, 19 December 2013

The season of giving

This week I co-hosted a workshop to help growing businesses get themselves and their customers motivated for the coming year, and it was insightful to hear how many people were motivated by helping others achieve more.  They recognised that by working with other business owners and assisting one another led to stronger relationships and opportunities than simply ploughing on in a belief that sharing would weaken their business.

This prompted me to think of when recently I worked with a number of business owners who were looking to reinforce or refresh their approach to sales and marketing. Each one has since sent me an update of how they are progressing with their actions and putting the suggestions and techniques I shared into practice, and I wish to share a couple of examples with you.

It was very rewarding to witness a 60 second pitch this week from a consultant who now shares what they offer confidently, proudly, and most importantly with clarity - we achieved the core message for this pitch within an hour, and he then practiced and refined the message until he owned it - I even received it as a video message the day after our session.

Sometimes we can increase the value of something we are already doing or planning to do - by making simple tactical changes.  Elliott owns and runs a clinic in north Kent offering osteopathy, sports massage and personal training.  When we met, Elliott already had a clear marketing plan, however he wanted to gain more referrals from his customers, yet like many was unsure of how he could confidently get his customers to take action. 
Elliott had already shared with me that he had ordered a small quantity of branded tops to thank loyal customers, and through our session Elliott chose to offer these instead as an incentive for customers to refer others.  Even better, and you can see it in the photographs, the customers are initiating the conversation thanks to his simple message displayed near the garment in the waiting area.

Growing businesses are a creative hive of ideas and plans to boost what they do and how they do it.  Be like Elliott - take practical action and take a further step towards success. 

I've really enjoyed seeing my customers continue to grow this year and I look forward to work with and helping many more with practical support in the coming year.

I wish you all a wonderful festive period and a successful 2014.


John is a Director of Vector Resources Limited and helps businesses increase sales and improve sales performance.  Find out more at



  1. Hi John. Sharing and I supporting others is No.1 in my instruction manual. Must discuss 60 sec pitch. need to improve a fraction - tidy up the edges....... Thsnk you for your advice on Networking. Looking forward to visiting some events together in 2024. Happy Christmas to you and your family

  2. Chris, thanks for writing a comment. I'm always looking for ways to refine my pitch, and happy to work with you on yours. Have a great Christmas see you in 2014.